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5 Superfood Valentines to Make Anyone’s Heart Melt

Thanks to the conveniences of modern life, many of us have our Valentine’s Day routine down to a science (i.e. flower delivery, a box of chocolates, a card, etc.), but that’s not necessarily a good thing. While any gift is always appreciated, romantic gestures are really at their best when they’re unique – which is why a surprising number of people are returning to the power of handmade.

The rich expression of time spent and personal touch go far beyond anything money can buy – and few things are simpler to create and more appreciated than home-crafted edible treats. Plus, by adding functional superfoods, you can even specifically formulate your giftable goodies to support feelings of love and attraction. Talk about a win-win!

Here are five superfood-infused treats to create at home, all in the name of love.

1. Truffles

Boxed truffles don’t even come close to the specialness of your own superfood creations. Plus, making truffles is surprisingly easy and fun! Made of euphoria-enhancing Cacao and enriched with all kinds of beneficial add-ins like circulation-promoting Acai or Pomegranate, you can get extremely inventive with your personal truffles and what you choose to tuck inside. Try these Cacao Truffles to get started.

2. Caramels

For the caramel lover in your life, you can make your favorite recipe much healthier by using Coconut Palm Sugar in place of cane sugar (thereby, reducing the glycemic content). Then, boost your recipe even further by swirling in a little bit of libido-boosting Maca, which adds a butterscotch undertone in addition to being a known aphrodisiac. For an even more decadent twist, try these other-worldly Salted Caramel BonBons – one of my personal go-to recipes.

3. Raw Chocolate

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, chocolate really is king and raw chocolate takes this tradition to a whole new level of flavor and health benefits. Loaded with invigorating antioxidants and minerals, you can create your own chocolate confections using Cacao, and decorate with highlights of additional superfoods like brain-boosting Hemp Seeds or romantic dried flowers (or, simply use the molten chocolate to dip fresh strawberries in!) Try this easy Handmade Chocolate recipe as a base and get creative!

4. Mousse

Few things are as sexy as a chocolate mousse! And thanks to sneakily healthy recipes that feature Cacao and healthy plant-based fats like this Cacao Maca Mousse, dessert offers a feel-good guarantee. Make enough for two!

5. Trail Mix

For a gift that keeps on giving, create a personalized bag of superfood-enriched trail mix to satisfy a health-enthusiast partner. For a romantic blend, combine Superfood+ Maca Maple Cashews (another delicious way to enjoy Maca!), Goji Berries, Mulberries, Cacao Sweet Nibs and pecans.

What are you treating your SO to this Valentine's Day?