Regenerative Organic Agriculture

Agriculture is one of our biggest indicators and influencers of human and planetary health, which is why we have always sourced through a regenerative lens. With our new Regenerative Organic Certified® commitment, we're building further trust and transparency in our sourcing.

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Founded on the principle that human health is intertwined with the health of our planet, the Regenerative Organic Certified® program builds on the success of Organic Certification and further shapes holistic farming systems and practices to better address soil health, animal welfare and social equity.
Cacao pods growing on a cacao tree
Cacao pods growing on a cacao tree

Regenerative Organic Certified® Cacao

A customer favorite and brand staple for almost two decades, Navitas Organics Cacao Powder is our first product to be Regenerative Organic Certified®. Our work with the Regenerative Organic Alliance is a milestone, cementing our commitment to our growers and customers as we address the cacao industry's historical legacy of exploitation and unethical labor practices.

Navitas Organics Regenerative Organic Certified® Cacao Powder is grown by smallholder farmers in the Dominican Republic. By partnering with smallholder farms and cooperatives like FUNDOPO, we can be confident that our cacao not only offers the highest quality and nutrient density, but also supports the development of integrated, inclusive, and restorative farming practices that honor growers’ sovereignty, economy, and environment.

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Agriculture Aligned with Nature

While the Regenerative Organic Certified® designation is new, its practices have been around for thousands of years, drawn from the ancestral knowledge of cultures around the globe. They vary with each region’s unique natural resources, climate conditions and ecological dynamics; however, the common thread through these diverse practices is growing food in a way that follows and supports nature.

Today, these practices have been codified under the Regenerative Organic Alliance with the label of Regenerative Organic Certified® as a way of assessing the full ecological impact of agricultural producers and providers. Regenerative Organic Certified® takes the ideals of organic certification to their natural conclusion, ensuring that healthy food doesn’t come at the cost of the people who grow it or the land it was grown on.

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Soil Health & Land Management

+ -

● Minimal soil disturbance
● Crop rotation
● Vegetative cover
● Composting
● Protecting native fauna and flora
● Conserving natural bodies of water
● Minimizing waste
● No deforestation
● No extractive practices
● No synthetic additives

A pack of ducks on a farm

Animal Welfare

+ -

● Natural and healthy food
● Clean water
● Appropriate and adequate shelter
● Maximum exposure to natural light
● Treatment for injury or disease
● No permanent confinement
● No force feeding
● No physical modifications

A farmer kneeling in the soil planting a tree

Farmer & Worker Fairness

+ -

● Safe and respectful working conditions
● Fair labor practices
● Living wage and timely payment
● Transparency in employment negotiation and contract
● Worker independence and endowment
● Freedom for workers to organize

A line of farmers walking into the forest
A line of farmers walking into the forest

Superfoods with Purpose™

We are committed to creating a healthier world through regenerative organic farming and plant-forward lifestyles. Our commitment to regenerative organic agriculture reflects our belief in using business as a force for good.