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Our Growers

Journey with us through the stories of our sourcing partners, past and present

Growing for Generations to Come

At Navitas, we understand that agriculture is the basis for a healthy society; that’s why we’re committed to partnering with smallholder farms in order to help strengthen local economies and communities in regions where we do business. Every purchase of our ethically sourced, organically grown superfoods supports our growers and the innovations of small-scale farmers across the globe.

Sierra Leone Cacao Project

Our Cacao is certified organic, fair trade and comes from the south western corner of Sierra Leone, an area surrounded by the lush Gola National Rainforest. Our work with The Liloma Cocoa Cooperative aims to support local agricultural communities through the development of integrated, inclusive and restorative organic farming that delivers high-quality products and generates rural economic growth while protecting the environment.

Sierra Leone Project Highlights

Investment in Cacao Co-ops

Support the development of a young cocoa cooperative.

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Set up Farmer Field Schools

FFS are a participatory method of learning, technology adaptation and information sharing that aim to provide smallholder farmers with a system to increase productivity, improve farm management, and diversify cropping systems to support local communities and improve local livelihoods.

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Reforestation Planning

Monitor deforestation and create a reforestation restoration project that includes cacao agroforestry system design.

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Just Labor Practices

Establish a continuous monitoring system to detect and remediate incidents of child labor.

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Continue the journey with us as we highlight featured projects that are driving change in their communities


Maca is the Navitas Organics flagship product, providing a rich education and entry point into the world of organic superfoods. In 2010, after seven years in partnership with our growers in Peru, we provided a critical no interest loan to help them build a processing and packaging facility in Concepcion. This loan allowed our partners to scale their operations and agricultural exports while providing much needed economic opportunity for this small community in the Andes.


Our organic goji berries are sourced from farmland in the Tibetan Plateau where farmers work in a remote, protected, high-altitude environment. Goji farming in this area has provided vital economic benefit to local communities and aims to counter desertification through soil enrichment practices and the promotion of sustainable biodiversity.


Our Matcha tea comes from the Shizuoka region of Japan and is sourced from farm-direct relationships that provide income stability, improved quality of life for farmers and protect the environment. Rooted in family traditions, these farmers utilize Chagusaba methods, a sustainable farming technique designed to enrich, rather than strip, the natural environment.

“We believe that our business is helping to shape the FUTURE because when it comes to addressing the climate crisis, promoting public health, and supporting rural economies, agriculture’s impact is unparalleled.” Zach Adelman, Founder and CEO