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Superfood Snacks

Perfect for the car, the gym, the office, the trail, the suitcase and more! Bring these superfood snacks wherever life's adventures take you.

Superfood Snacks and Energy Bites

Eight to ten powerful superfoods packed into each one of our tasty, convenient energy bites – does it get any better? When it comes to grab-and-go nutrition, Navitas Organics Power Snacks are your super solution for a flavor-packed, healthy snack on the go. Each variety of our minimally processed, date-based superfood snacks is chock-full of our signature superfoods that are rich in minerals, healthy fats and dried fruit for natural sweetness. You'll want to pack a Navitas Organics superfood snack with you wherever you go.

Ideal energy snacks for school lunches, desk drawers, hikes, road trips and more, Navitas Organics Power Snacks are available in four unique flavor varieties to satisfy all of your cravings – all while providing your body with essential nutrients! Tasting of chocolate and goji berry berries, our Cacao Goji Power Snacks feature cacao powder and goji berries plus six additional superfoods, including maca powder. Our Chocolate Cacao Power Snacks combine dark chocolate chips with almond butter and nutrient-rich cacao for decadent-tasting superfood bites that make the perfect healthier alternative to brownie bites when you need a chocolate fix. Navitas Organics Blueberry Hemp Power Snacks bring together blueberries and hemp seeds in bite-sized superfood snacks for an easy boost of antioxidants. Our Coffee Cacao Power Snacks feature mineral- and antioxidant-rich cacao plus green coffee powder for delicious, mocha-flavored bite-sized energy snacks. Each superfood snack contains heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, thanks to our blend of hemp seeds and chia seeds. The best part: all four varieties of our wholesome snacks are free of gluten, dairy and artificial ingredients.