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with Purpose

Our Credo & Five Guiding Principles (FOR’s).

To Our Cherished Navitas Community

For 17 years, we have thrived on bringing you the highest quality superfoods from across the globe and continue to innovate ways to support you in your health journey. We wholeheartedly abide by using our business as a force for good and building a purpose driven brand that accurately reflects our family ethics and values. Superfoods with Purpose connects the ways that our products support these values, illustrated by the Five “FOR’s”.


For You 1
For You
For the Planet 2
For the Planet
For the Farmer 3
For the Farmer
For the Future 4
For the Future
For Us 5
For Us

For You

We are your trusted source for quality organic plant-based superfoods and advocate the health benefits of a whole food plant-forward diet to prevent and reverse disease.

Third Party Testing Third Party Testing

We run the gauntlet of rigorous third-party certifications and testing processes before and after production because we want to ensure top notch quality, efficacy and safety in our foods.

Science Based Evidence Science Based Evidence

The United Nations and many other leading research organizations recognize that a plant-forward lifestyle not only benefits personal health but also is one of the greatest efforts we can make to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address our environmental crisis. We recommend bookmarking this repository of studies showing the benefits of a plant-based diet if you'd like to dig in more.

Education Education

We know not everyone is familiar with the superfoods we sell because they originate from ancient, traditional cultures from across the globe! That's why we employ a team of product and nutrition experts to help guide our customers, retailers and partners in learning about product benefits, provide helpful usage tips and identify the right superfoods for specific needs and desires. Visit our Help Center for more.


For the Planet

We’re using our business as a beacon for positive change, harnessing the power of corporate social responsibility and regenerative organic agriculture to heal our planet and our society.

Certified Organic Certified Organic

We have been investing in traditional (regenerative), organic agriculture since our inception in 2003. In 2020 alone, we purchased 3,700,000 lbs. of certified organic superfoods and supported thousands of smallholder farmers along the way.

Acres in Production Acres in Production

Through our sourcing partners, we support 80,000+ acres of land farmed using traditional (regenerative) organic practices by smallholder farms and co-ops. Primary sourcing regions include Peru, Canada, Colombia, Brazil, India, the Philippines, Turkey, and beginning in 2020 – Sierra Leone.

Carbon Sequestration Carbon Sequestration

Northeastern University and The Organic Center published a study in 2017 showing that soils from organic farms have 26% more potential for long-term carbon storage than soils from conventional farms, along with 13% more soil organic matter.

Scope 1 & 2 Emissions Scope 1 & 2 Emissions

We’re measuring our scope 1 & 2 emissions and setting science-based targets for the future reduction of our emissions.

Solar Solar

In 2016, Navitas Organics headquarters installed a 75-kW solar panel system that, as of 2021, has offset 340,122 kWh of energy, equivalent to saving 50.5 tons of coal or other fossil fuels from being burned for energy.

Greening Elements Greening Elements

Earnestly committed to reducing our carbon footprint, we have installed solar panels, LED light bulbs, low flow toilets, outdoor xeriscaping, and low VOC paints and carpets at our home office. We consciously source environmentally friendly supplies wherever possible including recycled paper products and green cleaning products. In addition, composting and recycling are everyday practices in our HQ kitchen.

Packaging Packaging

We recognize the need to source environmentally friendly packaging solutions that function for our products. Until better options become available, we are actively transitioning all our packaging to post consumer resin (PCR) until a viable compostable option becomes available. Current limitations will allow for 38% PCR, but we are searching for 60% by 2021. Stay tuned for further developments in our packaging innovation!


For the Farmer

We create economic opportunities for smallholder organic farmers that strengthen global economies by guaranteeing a fair and equitable wage while providing healthy working conditions for farmers across the supply chain.

Fairtrade Certification Fairtrade Certification

As of 2021, we’ve contributed $534,364 in fair trade premiums through Fairtrade America, and in 2020 alone our fair trade premiums reached $176,380. These premiums pay for social, environmental and economic investments that go back into the farming communities where we source our products.

Smallholder Farmers Smallholder Farmers

Working with 5,000+ farmers, we are committed to partnering with smallholder farms to strengthen both economies and communities in the regions where we do business. There are many benefits to smallholder sourcing for both consumers and farmers. For more, see the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization factsheet.

Impact Investing Impact Investing

From providing loans to build essential processing facilities in the Andean plateau of Peru to our current regenerative project in Sierra Leone, our commitment to our farmers remains a top priority of our business. See Our Growers’ page for more information.


For the Future

We believe that a long-term regenerative vision for our company will foster ecological resilience, improve health equity and ensure conservation and land stewardship for future generations.

Business Longevity Business Longevity

We believe that considering a long-term, sustainability-based vision of a company can create resiliency, while also securing profits for the lifetime of the brand.

Policy and Advocacy Policy and Advocacy

We are a proud partner of Climate Collaborative, a consortium of brands committed to using their businesses together as a force to reverse climate change through actionable initiatives. Learn more >

Supplier Investment Supplier Investment

We are committed to investing in farming communities beyond official Fairtrade organizations. More exciting news on this coming soon!

Giving Back Giving Back

We believe in giving back and are proud that this is a core value in our business model. We support ongoing partnerships with non-profit organizations focused on creating meaningful changes to transform a healthy food system. Since 2018 alone, we have made over $469,620 in contributions to partners including, A Growing CultureConscious KitchenCeres Project, Farmer’s Footprint, Farms To Grow and more.

Certified B Corp Certified B Corp

Navitas Organics has been proudly B Corp certified since 2016, using the power of business to address many social and environmental problems we face today. Learn more about what it means to be a Certified B Corp


For Us

From our founders to each employee, we’re dedicated to the idea that business isn’t just about profits but rather a healthy balance of purpose, passion, and PLAY.

Employee Wellness Program & Engagement Employee Wellness Program & Engagement

Navitas offers a variety of wellness benefits to employees designed to inspire living a healthy lifestyle, increase engagement and support well-being. This includes a monthly product allowance, a fully stocked kitchen to make Navitas smoothies and recipes, and an on-site fitness facility featuring yoga, strength training, and meditation classes throughout the week. We’ve also implemented unlimited PTO and telecommuting options to adapt to life’s constantly evolving work/life balance demands.

Volunteering Volunteering

At Navitas, we understand that being of service to our community is an essential part of wellness and self-care.  Collectively, we volunteer an average of one month per year planting gardens and preparing healthy, organic meals for those in need. Employees are always encouraged to take time to volunteer during regular work hours while being paid just as they would for a normal workday.