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4 Superfoods That Support Immune Health (and How to Use Them!)

 4 Superfoods That Support Immune Health (and How to Use Them!)

By Amy Fox, Navitas Organics Manager of Product Nutrition & Quality

As the weather changes and we head into winter, we start to think about supporting our immune systems in order to stay well during cold and flu season. This year, that’s an even bigger, year-round concern. Here are four superfoods that, when added to a balanced diet, can help boost your immune system:

1. Elderberry

Rich in the antioxidants anthocyanins (which contribute to the deep purple color of these berries), elderberry has been used for centuries as a home remedy to prevent and ease cold and flu symptoms. Elderberries are also rich in quercetin, another powerful antioxidant than can help our cells better absorb zinc, which is a key immune-supporting mineral.

Fresh elderberry can be challenging to source, depending on where you live, but dried elderberries are easy to find and can be used to make syrup, tea or jelly, much like other berries. Our new freeze-dried whole Elderberry Powder is an excellent option to use for making tea, adding to smoothies or mixing into yogurt or hot cereal.

2. Camu

This South American tart, cherry-like fruit is a vitamin C powerhouse! Most readily available in a powder from, camu is ideal for adding to smoothies and smoothie bowls. It’s fairly tart on its own, but it can be mixed into fresh juices to drink or added to homemade gummies for both kids and adults to enjoy.

3. Acerola Cherry

Another vitamin C powerhouse, acerola cherry is sweeter than camu and is easily eaten fresh if you can find it. It’s commonly available in supplement form but it’s also an ingredient in our new Superfood+ Immunity Blend, which is another great boost for smoothies or gummies.

4. Oranges

Long-known to be a great everyday source of vitamin C, we’re finding that most of oranges’ beneficial nutrients are actually in the peel! Of course, eating an orange peel on its own isn’t very appetizing, but when you consume any recipe in which you’re using orange zest, you’re getting those immune-boosting benefits! This new information about the peel is the reason we decided to use a freeze-dried whole orange powder in our Superfood+ Immunity Blend. We’ve captured all of those nutrients in a delicious powder form, along with camu and acerola cherry, for an absolute vitamin C bomb!

Author Bio: Amy is Navitas Organics’ Manager of Product Quality and Nutrition. Among her varied duties are ensuring product quality, contributing nutrition information for packaging and writing many of our new on-pack recipes. A longtime Navitas consumer whose favorite products include Superfood+ Adaptogen Blend, Hemp Seeds and Elderberry Powder, Amy is a nutritionist who is passionate about cooking, food-as-medicine and organic, sustainable food in particular.