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Camu Powder

Nature's vitamin C superfruit

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As nature's most abundant source of vitamin C, the Peruvian camu berry is an immunity-boosting superfood that is beloved for the health benefits it provides. Carefully harvested in the Amazon rainforest and minimally processed to retain its powerful phytochemicals and antioxidants, Navitas Organics Camu Powder contains 10 times more vitamin C per serving than an orange! This red-orange powder with a tart berry flavor is easy to add to everyday smoothies to help you maintain a strong immune system and keep inflammation at bay. Camu blends well with other fruits and mixes easily into juices, oatmeal and even vinaigrettes, so you can boost your vitamin C  any time of day!

  • 100% whole fruit camu powder
  • 10x more vitamin c than an orange, per serving*
  • Tart berry flavor
  • No added sugar, fillers or additives

The camu berry, also known as “camu camu” or Myrciaria dubia, is an incredible superfood—and one of the best sources of natural vitamin C! Grown along the flood banks of the Amazon rainforest in Peru, camu berries are submerged in water for a large portion of their growing season. These extreme and unique conditions are part of what help the cherry-like camu camu fruit develop its potent antioxidants and phytochemicals (a.k.a. plant nutrients). Hand-harvested by smallholder farmers, our camu berries are then carefully dried and processed to deliver an easy-to-use organic superfood powder that helps fortify your immune system and combat inflammation year-round. Just one teaspoon delivers 760% of the FDA’s recommended daily value of vitamin C!

Navitas Organics Camu Powder has a tart flavor, which is an indicator of its nutrient-rich properties. USDA Organic, our Camu Powder is 100% finely milled camu berries—with no added sugar, fillers or other additives. Our Camu Powder is the perfect ingredient to pair with citrus and tropical fruits in smoothies, stir into oatmeal or chia pudding topped with banana slices and fresh berries, and even mix into salad vinaigrettes!

Ingredients: Certified organic camu camu powder (Myclaria dubia)

5g of camu camu contains 682mg of Vitamin C vs. 141g of raw Florida Orange contains 63mg of Vitamin C (USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference Release 28).

Storage Information: Refrigeration not required. Store in a cool, dark, dry place

Organic | Non-GMO | Kosher | Gluten Free | Vegan

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