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No-Bake Cacao Date Energy Bars Recipe

These energy bars are loaded with nourishing plant-based ingredients and they work well as packable snacks, breakfast replacement bars or even dessert if you’re into something healthy as a sweet treat. Full of bold flavor, chewy and super easy to make, they’re also vegan and gluten free!


2 cups Medjool Dates, seeds removed

1 cup Navitas Organics Cashew Nuts

1/2 cup Navitas Organics Cacao Butter

1/2 cup Coconut Flakes

3/4 cup Navitas Organics Chia Seeds

1/2 cup Pumpkin Seeds

1/3 cup Maple Syrup

1/4 cup Navitas Organics Cacao Powder

Pecans, optional


Line a square baking pan with parchment paper and set aside.

In a food processor, add the Cashews, coconut flakes, Cacao Butter and pumpkin seeds. Pulse for a few seconds until everything is broken down into small pieces.

Add in the dates, Cacao Powder, Chia Seeds, maple syrup and pinch of sea salt. Pulse for a few more seconds until all ingredients are well combined.

Pour the mixture into the prepared baking pan and evenly spread out using a rubber spatula, keeping it about 1/2 to 1-inch in thickness.

Cover baking pan with plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator until firm, about 2-3 hours. Once firm, gently uplift mixture out of the baking pan using the parchment paper and cut into bars.

Makes 8 Bars

Submitted by Shanika of Orchids + Sweet Tea