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6 Ways to Up Your Chia Pudding Game

6 Ways to Up Your Chia Pudding Game

By Julie Morris, Superfood Chef

There’s a reason why it’s so popular: chia pudding is one of the coolest culinary advances around. An amazingly healthy and delightfully fun breakfast, dessert, or snack, this crazy superfood-centric recipe has been a pivotal part of chia’s upswing in popularity over the past few years. (Still haven’t made this simple dish yet? Here’s a go-to method you can make on the regular: Basic Chia Pudding).

In addition to being tasty all on its own, chia pudding can also be dressed up in a variety of ways – ranging from decadent to sophisticated – to become a truly unforgettable dish. Here are six easy ways to take your basic chia pudding to the next level:

1. Top it with Seasonal Fruit

Once chia pudding is placed in a shallow bowl, it becomes the perfect creamy base for all of your favorite fruits! Fresh berries, chopped peaches and plums, or minced apple are just a few ideas of incredible toppings.

2. Mix it with Chutney or Preserves

A spicy chutney or all-fruit jam layered at the bottom of a chia pudding parfait is a match made in superfood heaven. Enjoy the contrast of flavors, textures and colors, as you swirl the ingredients together with every bite!

3. Add Textual Superfoods

Tossing a little bit of superfood trail mix, nuts, seeds (like hemp seeds), or dried fruits such as goji berries or goldenberries, is a wonderful way to add additional textural interest and flair. If you're feeling extra adventurous, try topping your pudding creation with a handful of Navitas Organics Power Snacks like the Blueberry Hemp or Chocolate Cacao varieties for added texture, flavor and plant protein!

4. Serve it Creatively

No one said you have to just eat chia pudding out of a bowl! Try putting it in a glass to serve as a parfait, suck it out of a reusable squeeze bottle (this is especially great for the kiddos), or even savor it out of an ice cream cone!

5. Swirl in Spices and Powders

At the very least, personalize your chia pudding with some added flair in the form of powders. You can mix in sweet spices like cinnamon or cardamom, and add in virtually any kind of nutrient-dense superfood powder, including protein powders, maqui powder (watch it turn purple!), or matcha powder.

6. Add Chocolate

“When in doubt, add chocolate.” Isn't that always the best rule-of-thumb? You can mix a few cacao nibs or cacao powder into your chia pudding or get extra creative with cacao blends and add-ons like in this Chocolate Chia Pudding recipe. Better still, swirl in a bit of homemade cacao fudge sauce for a super decadent dessert that comes with a bonus boost of fiber and antioxidants!

The options are seriously endless when it comes to taking your chia pudding game to tasty new heights. Do you have a favorite way to prepare, serve or eat chia pudding? Share it with us in comments below!