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4 Ways to Uplevel Your Avocado Obsession with Superfoods

4 Ways to Uplevel Your Avocado Obsession with Superfoods

By Julie Morris, Superfood Chef

I hear you: avocados are pretty awesome. They’re also having a moment. In a time where the idea of fat has finally moved beyond being an admonished food group and onto a proudly promoted part of a healthy diet, avocado has quickly risen as a superstar, easily ranked amongst the world’s healthiest foods.

Even better, avocado is delicious and highly versatile, as I’m sure I don’t need to convince you. Let’s look at four ways you can boost your favorite avocado applications even further with the addition of superfoods!

1. Avocado Toast

One look at any food-oriented Instagram feed, and you’ll quickly notice avocado toast is a serious thing. But why stop at just avocado? Try boosting your favorite toast with a sprinkle of hemp seeds and chia seeds for extra protein. You can also add microgreens and crumbled seaweed like nori for additional minerals and protective antioxidants.

2. Avocado Smoothies

So, you’ve discovered that a chunk of avocado in a smoothie makes it unbelievably creamy, have you? What you may not know is there are certain superfoods that go exceedingly well with this type of smooth base – especially cacao (think chocolate pudding) and acai ( like the creamiest acai bowl you’ve ever had). Add either (or both!) of these superfoods into your next smoothie with an avocado base and enjoy a truly deluxe superfood drink!

3. Avocado Dips

Avocado’s most famous use is perhaps as a dip, in particular guacamole. The strong flavors of this easy-to-make recipe are more than just delicious – they’re a great place to tuck in other superfoods unnoticed which boost and balance nutrition, yet don’t really contribute to the overall taste. Since avocado dips are already expectedly green, my favorite additions are green powders, like wheatgrass, which add the power of a big serving of leafy green vegetables in a motivatingly innocuous form. Just mix in a small scoop into your next dip and prepare to be amazed at how little you notice this uber-healthy addition.

4. Avocado Desserts

You can use avocado in all kinds of desserts – from ice creams to baked goods – where it functions like a creamy fat (and a great butter replacement, I might add). To help mask avocado’s taste in this application, I like to use superfoods like maca and cacao together to create a very rich malty flavor that’s extremely harmonious to the fresh richness of avocado. Plus, combining these foods together creates a seriously energizing dessert, the most nutritious of ways!

What’s your favorite way to eat avocados, and how do you plan on boosting it with superfoods? Tell us in comments!