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A woman making a smoothie in a blender with Navitas Organics superfood ingredients.
January 27, 2023

YQA: Back to Superfood Basics

We're going back to the superfood basics, exploring questions around everything from everyday usage to general best practices.

By: Kali Sink, AAS, NC

With the world of superfoods constantly evolving, it can be easy to get caught up in the latest buzz and lose track of their most intrinsic qualities. That's why we're taking this month to go back to the superfood basics, exploring questions around everything from everyday usage to general best practices. Let's dive in!

1. How many servings can I eat in a day?

Many customers ask us if they’re allowed to eat more than one serving of our superfoods in a day. Our answer is: of course! The suggested serving size on our packaging is just that—a suggestion. Because our superfoods are made from whole foods and are not supplements, you can safely enjoy a range of intake levels, making it easy to tailor your superfood consumption to fit your diet, taste preference, or recipe needs.

2. Can I combine your superfoods?

You can and you should! Each of our superfoods comes with its own unique nutrient makeup; by combining various superfoods in a smoothie or snack, you get more diverse and beneficial nutrition in your diet. Some flavor combos work better than others—you can check out our favorites in our recipe library here—but, in general, any of our superfoods can be enjoyed in any combination with positive health benefits.

3. Can I mix your superfoods with just water?

Those of you looking for convenient, fuss-free nutrition are sometimes tempted to simply add our superfood powders to water and toss it all back in one gulp. While this is absolutely allowed for any of our superfoods, it’s generally not the most delicious or satisfying way to consume them. By adding our superfoods to juices, smoothies, smoothie bowls, oatmeal, yogurt, energy bites and more, you can enjoy a much more flavorful eating experience and a more nutritionally diverse meal or snack.

It's also worth noting that most of our superfood powders are made by freeze-drying, dehydrating or cold-milling whole foods. With zero added ingredients or further processing, this results in nutritionally complex powders that will settle in thin liquids, like water. The exceptions to this rule include our Goji Powder and Pomegranate Powder, which are made by freeze-drying the juices of these plants, making these powders water soluble and easy to mix into liquids.

4. Can I cook with superfoods?

Of course! Our superfoods are extremely versatile and can be used in a wide variety of dishes, including baked goods, hot drinks and savory dishes. While you may worry about nutrient degradation at high temperatures, that’s only a concern for certain compounds—like fragile vitamin C or antioxidants—and doesn’t affect many others, like minerals, fiber and protein. And even when there is a small amount of nutrition lost from cooking, much more of it is retained—along with those irreplaceable superfood flavors! In general, the shorter the timeframe that a food is cooked at high heat and the less surface area exposed during cooking, the less nutrient loss you can expect.

Some of our favorite superfood staples for lattes and baked goods include Cacao Powder, gelatinized Maca Powder and Turmeric Powder.


Do you have a superfood question for Kali? Send it to her at!

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