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A woman with a travel bag holding keys and a Navitas Organics Cacao Goji Power Snack walking out the door
November 21, 2021

How to Stay Healthy with Superfoods While Traveling

Here are four ways to incorporate health-boosting superfoods into your itinerary, ensuring you have a truly optimal trip.

By: Julie Morris, Superfood Chef & Luminberry Founder

You know how it goesjust a few days on the road and suddenly even just the healthiest of intentions go out the windowreplaced with readily available processed snacks, local indulgent eats, and comfort foods. We’ve all been there! The worst part of it is, the more our diet becomes less-than-optimal, the more our energy begins to get zapped, too, making for a less-than-pleasant travel experience as a whole.

While most of us don’t attempt to cook on the road (although there are some people who travel with a mini blender for on-the-go smoothies, which is a great idea if you have the suitcase space), there are some superfood staples that can really help save the day when it comes to traveling in a healthier style. Here are four ways to incorporate health-boosting superfoods into your itinerary, ensuring you have a truly optimal trip.

1. Think Green

Green vegetables should be a part of our everyday diet for broad-spectrum energy and vitality. Yet, while eating salads or packing in a handful of greens into a smoothie at home is no big deal, sometimes getting your greens while eating out (or traveling to new areas) can present a challenge. To ensure you get an adequate amount of greens every day, bring along a bag of green powder that combines dried and milled nutrient-dense greens that can be easily mixed into water or juice any time of day. This way, regardless of your luck in finding fresh vegetables, at least you’ve had some highly condensed green nutrition. I always bring Navitas Organics Superfood+ Greens Blend with me, as it has a very mild flavor, it's a nutritious mix of moringa, kale and wheatgrass juice powder, and it's so easy to blend into smoothies or mix into dressings!

2. Sneak in Some Vitamin C

Don’t let a compromised immune system while traveling get the best of you! Many people travel with vitamin C pills to ward away illness, but too much of the isolated/synthetic form of vitamin can be difficult for the body to digest. Instead, try camu powder, which is one of nature’s best sources of vitamin C in whole food form (it’s just composed of milled camu berriesnothing more!). Spoon a pinch or quarter teaspoon into a bottle of juice and shake well to instantly give your body a boost of immunity. You can also find camu powder in our Superfood+ Immunity Blend, a convenient mix of camu, acerola cherry and orange powders. Elderberry powder is a great immune boosting superfood if you can't get your hands on camu powder.

3. Go for Goji Berries

Talk about a survival snack! Organic goji berries are one of the most complete foods on the planet, containing all the major macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fat), fiber, and more than 20 vitamins and minerals. They also contain loads of antioxidants and are well renowned for supporting the immune system, boosting mood and increasing energy. I think everyone should travel with a bag of goji berries in their suitcasethey are the perfect treat to grab whenever you need a hit of energy or can’t find a healthy bite right away.

4. Keep Superfood Snacks Handy

Whether we’re talking road trip or jet setting, having a bag or two of extra-healthy snacks for when you can’t find anything good to eat is a must. One of my favorites is Navitas Organics' Cacao Goji Power Snacks, which include cacao, goji and dateswhich, aside from being delicious, are surprisingly filling! The other varieties of Navitas Organics Superfood Power Snacks are excellent options, too, since they're so charged with flavor and nutrition via various superfoods.

Stay healthy and bon voyage!

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