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A blender filled with fresh vegetables on a kitchen counter.
August 12, 2020

7 Ways to Use Your Blender (Beyond Smoothie-Making!)

A good blender can quickly become the most invaluable investment in your kitchen. Here are seven ways you can use your blender to create all kinds of healthy cuisine.

By: Julie Morris, Superfood Chef & Luminberry Founder

A good blender can quickly become the most invaluable investment in your kitchen. Smoothies are really only a tiny fraction of what these incredible machines can do! Here are seven ways you can use your blender to create all kinds of healthy cuisine.

1. Soups

Whether pureeing a hot soup into silky-smooth bliss or combining cool ingredients to make an instant chilled soup, it’s exciting to make meal-ready magic as the result of a quick whiz. What’s more, you can sometimes save your stove space, too: some high-speed blenders can even gently warm cold soups after a couple minutes of blending on high.

2. Frozen Desserts

The most unique and healthy frozen desserts can be made in a blender! Blending frozen fruit with a little bit of non-dairy milk, juice or water can instantly create a luxurious sorbet, granite or ice cream – no extra freezing time needed! These desserts are the perfect base to add in some of your favorite superfood powders, too, such as acai powder or cacao powder.

3. Nut Butters

Although a food processor is a little more practical for this application, you can technically make nut butters in your high-speed blender, too. Just be prepared to stop the machine regularly and push the contents down so everything gets a chance to hit the blades. Bonus: you can add in super seeds here like hemp seeds and chia seeds!

4. Flours

A high-speed blender can pulverize grains of any variety and create a quick flour. Make heirloom varieties of flour that are hyper fresh, and like coffee, grind just as much as need for the application at hand for the biggest flavor and least waste.

5. Sauces

A big secret of healthy and superfood cooking is the ability to make your own sauces and dips, elevating the flavor of everything else you’re making, and keeping your ingredient set clean from start to finish. A quick blend is all it takes to create impressive salad dressings, chutneys and bright purees.

6. Milks

Nut and seed milks are embarrassingly easy to make at home with the quick help of a good blender. Check out this simple hemp milk recipe for a super-simple way to get a plant protein-packed variation of your favorite creamy liquid.

7. Batters

Thin batters can be incorporated effortlessly with the help of a blender and ensure ingredients get evenly distributed. My favorite batter to blend is pancake batter, which can be poured effortlessly into a pan once it’s combined.

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