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A mother's day greeting card resting against a basket filled with various gifts
May 5, 2021

5 Memorable Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Discover five winning Mother’s Day gift ideas, including a few options that you might explore if you don't have an enormous budget.

By: Kyla Stewart, The Blog Frog Owner

Mother’s Day is a once-a-year event that's often not as revered as perhaps it should be given how much work goes into being a mom. It’s one of the hardest jobs there is, and even during Mother’s Day, it’s a calling that typically goes without the appreciation it deserves. It's often not until children mature into adults that they realize this fact more than they did when they were young adolescents.

So this year, take the time to make mom feel special by gifting more than just the typical card. Although a card is certainly better than nothing—you can do better! You know you can do better, your siblings know it, your father knows it, and your mom knows it, too. She’ll appreciate anything you do, but why not put in that extra bit of effort to do something really special for the woman who carried you for nine months and brought you into the world?

Keep reading to discover five winning Mother’s Day gift ideas, including a few options that you might explore if you don't have the enormous budget you might wish you had to spend on the woman who deserves it most.

1. Farm-Fresh Flowers 

It's probably a safe bet that your mom loves flowers and would adore a bouquet of some variety. True, not all moms feel this way, but if you think your mom is more likely to appreciate an exquisite bouquet, then t’s definitely advisable to secure Mother’s Day flowers for her. It's always a good idea to select the specific varieties you know she likes of course; but flowers of any kind are almost always a surefire hit.

Different sorts of bouquets express different sentiments, and even have different aromas, so seek out varieties that are as fresh, vibrant and beautiful as your mom. Some great options that are in season now include tulips, lilies, sunflowers, and other farm-fresh varieties, so do your due diligence to explore what’s out there. You can build your own bouquet with a variety of selects or leave it to the experts and order a beautifully curated arrangement.

2. Snacks, Sweets and Superfoods

Chocolates are a fine gift for Mother’s Day, unless of course she’s trying to steer clear of added sugars. Certain low-sugar or superfood-rich sweets can satisfy a sweet tooth and offer a hint of indulgence, while still appeasing all those health-conscious moms out there.

Some great options from Navitas Organics that also fit perfectly into DIY gift bags or custom gift baskets include snack-sized Power Snacks and superfood berries. With these tasty, nutrient-rich options, you can give your mom the gift of health while she enjoys a deceptively decadent treat. It’s a win-win!

3. Quality Time 

While quality time with mom is not always an option if she lives far away or if you're unable to safely gather, giving your mom the gift of your time is invaluable. If you are able to meet with her in person, you can invite her to join you on a hike to enjoy nature's beauty, treat her to dinner at her favorite restaurant or plan a "mom date" at the movies if there’s an open theater near you. The type of excursion you pick should match your mom's interests, so find out what she’d love to do with you, then plan it all out and be her “tour guide” through a special event.

Alternatively, if your mom is so busy all the time that a day to herself might be better suited for her, then try to take a load off her plate to open up some free time. So many moms fill their days with household duties, working, and all of the other responsibilities that fall on moms' plates, so take inventory of what you're able to take on yourself and allow her to be by herself and just enjoy not having responsibilities for a little while. Bonus points if you gift her a solo spa session or mani/pedi!

4. Sentimental Scrapbook

Not everyone has the budget to do something expensive for their mother. Certainly she’s worth it, but she wouldn’t like it if you went into debt for some Mother’s Day gift, even if you were happy to do so. What might be better is putting together a gift from what you have available. Dig up old pictures, clothes, and other memorable keepsakes that you can include in a scrapbook for her. Whether you live at home with your mom or on your own, homemade scrapbooks can be constructed with items found around the house at no exorbitant cost. If you put thought into it and take the time to show her everything you’ve done, it will likely become one of the most memorable gifts she's ever received!

5. Breakfast in Bed

Who doesn’t like breakfast in bed? Provided you take care not to make it a messy event, of course, you can give your mom this timeless gift for Mother’s Day to start her day off on a special note. You can blend up a simple, refreshing smoothie made with inflammation-taming, immune-boosting and detoxifying ingredients like organic turmeric powder, camu powder and Superfood+ Greens Blend or keep her cozy while helping her stress levels stay low with a bowl full of oatmeal made with maca powder. Some moms prefer sleeping late, though, so keep that in mind if you know your mom's morning habits.

Ultimately, every mom is different, so the key to gifting your mom the best Mother's Day gift is making it as special and customized to her as possible. But whatever you do this Mother’s Day, take your time to do the best you can with what you have where you are in terms of making the day special for your mom. She’s sacrificed a lot for you, so the least you can do is put a little extra thought this year into thinking about her!



Kyla Stewart is a former content writer, who decided to start her own blogging site and become a digital nomad. She managed to create a platform where all her previous clients are gathered so they can merge and learn from each other! Her main motto is “sharing is caring” and her goal is to see the world from different perspectives.

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