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A woman blending a green smoothie with Navitas Organics detox-friendly superfoods.
March 9, 2021

5 Healthy Habits for an Everyday Detox

Here are five of the best habits to incorporate in your own “everyday detox” lifestyle.

By: Julie Morris, Superfood Chef & Luminberry Founder

So, you've done the juice cleanse, sworn off all sugar and committed to regular sweat sessions. All signs point to you being fully detoxed by now, but your energy levels tell a very different story.

If you're feeling frustrated by the cyclical nature of your detoxification efforts, you're not alone. That's because detoxification is much more than anything a singular product or a week's worth of hardcore effort can offer. This is true for a couple of reasons: first, detoxification should never be overly aggressive. Any change in personal homeostasis should be fairly gradual to allow your body to heal naturally and adjust back to an optimum state. While many products are designed with this in mind, using them on a short-term basis dramatically negates their effects. In other words, while drinking a green detox juice once won't hurt you, but it probably won't do very much to help all on its own.

The second factor to ineffective detoxification is far less in our control: our environment. It isn't abnormal for the average person to be exposed to thousands of toxins a day, including cancerous levels of arsenic, dioxins and DDE. So, while kicking back a spirulina shot may help remove some of this dangerous chemical debris from your body, those toxins are not gone forever.

What these two components have in common is that they stress the importance of ongoing detoxification. In other words, we live in a world where detoxification needs to become a practice. That's where the idea of an everyday detox comes in handy! These are habits you can incorporate on a regular basis to provide the healthy effects that you crave in a format you can achieve.

Read on for five of the best habits to incorporate in your own “everyday detox” lifestyle:

1. Create a Simple Morning Ritual

Start your day on the right note from the moment you get up. Simply consuming a tall glass of water with lemon helps hydrate your cells, offers a healthy dose of vitamin C and supports your body's internal detoxification systems: your kidneys, liver and gastrointestinal tract.

2. Include Greens Wherever Possible

Green foods are one of your most powerful tools in the realm of a detox diet. Chlorophyll not only helps to build your red blood cells (and their ability to flush out foreign particulates faster), but it helps promote a healthy pH balance in the body, which is good for you while being a hostile environment for disease. Chlorophyll can even help remove heavy metals from your body, preventing and healing long-term accumulation and damage. If having large salads daily doesn't entice you, sneak additional greens by incorporating Navitas Organics Superfood+ Greens Blend into your drinks, smoothies, soups or dressings throughout the week.

3. Think Fiber and Water

Your body is designed to trap and dispose of many toxins naturally, but the truth is—there's only one direction they're going to come out. Yes, your time in the bathroom is the most effective way to detox of all, so consuming plenty of fiber and water through your diet to encourage frequent elimination is your best bet for everyday cleansing! Fresh vitamin- and mineral-rich vegetables and fruits offer both fiber and water naturally, which is why they're such a key part of healthy diet recommendations.

4. Look for Places to Boost with Superfoods

Many superfoods and super herbs boast real-deal detoxification benefits, such as chia (supports the gastrointestinal tract), chlorella (helps remove heavy metals), and milk thistle (reinforces liver health). Regardless of what your daily diet looks like, upgrading your meals with one or a collection of these healing foods can offer you just the kind of “everyday” detox practicality mentioned earlier. For an extra-convenient way to utilize many superfoods at once, put to use an organic superfood-based detox blend, such as Superfood+ Greens Blend.

5. Consider the Source

How your food and water is processed is almost as important as what you're eating and drinking in the first place. This action is incredibly simple: whenever possible, choose organic food and drink filtered water. While this habit won't help you remove toxins from your body, it will substantially reduce the amount of chemicals you are exposed to in the first place. We can't control the majority of our environment, but we can control what we eat—so make it a clean choice!

Looking for the best superfoods to help you become a lean, mean, clean machine? Shop our Detox Collection HERE.

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