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Outdoor campsite with various accoutrements including Navitas Organics Superfood Latte Mixes
January 7, 2020

7 Wellness Essentials You'll Want to Take Everywhere

Preparing to enjoy some quality time in the great outdoors? Here are seven essentials to pack to ensure you maximize your next outdoor experience.

By: Julie Morris, Superfood Chef & Luminberry Founder

Enjoying a little quality time in the great outdoors is the best. Enjoying a little quality time in the great outdoors with a setup that’s just a bit more…dare-we-say…comfortable is even better! As the warm spring months transition into the long, hot days of summer, the urge to embark on those nature-filled getaways naturally intensifies. Anything from a spur-of-the-moment camping trip or divinely upgraded “glamping” excursion to the cleanly coordinated group outing is pretty fantastic. Nature’s beauty combined with a touch of luxury makes for an incredibly rejuvenating event all around. Read on for the seven essentials to pack to ensure you maximize your next outdoor experience.

1. Smart Snacks

Snacking and traveling go hand-in-hand, but don’t let the often-ubiquitous chips and cookies get the best of you! Bring lots of superfood snacks to keep you full and satisfied, which can range from bags of fresh berries or seaweed crisps to superfood trail mix. For an extra convenient and superbly delicious snack that can conquer cravings, try Navitas Organics Power Snacks (aka energy bites) especially the Chocolate Cacao flavor, which are packed with essential minerals and tastes like brownie bites!

2. Mood Lighting

Sure, a roaring fire is always mesmerizing, but a few extra lights around your getaway locale can go a long way to make the darker hours feel extra magical. If the environment permits, bring a few citronella candles to adorn your dinner table, which help ward away pesky bugs while also setting the mood. And don’t forget to bring a strand or two of string lights to drape around your sleeping quarters, which can help to brighten and enliven your evenings.

3. Treasure Bag

New environments have a way of invigorating your creativity while discovering the local natural treasures. Bring an eco-friendly sealable bag to stash some of your foraging finds, such as native souvenirs, seasonal flowers, medicinal herbs to craft into bundles or a handful of special stones.

4. Mug-Ready Drinks

A travel mug is usually a priority on even the most basic checklist, but that doesn’t mean you need to fill it with a boring beverage! Navitas Organics Superfood Lattes are the game-changing packets of superfood goodness you’ve been looking for that are as easy to make as they are to pack. Just a little hot water is all it takes to enjoy a creamy Matcha Latte, an elevated Turmeric Latte, or a comforting Cacao Latte (think: a healthy hot cocoa!). From crisp mornings to cozy nights, lattes are a definitive traveler’s go-to.

5. A Great Moisturizer

The extra downtime that work-free travel affords you means a little bit of external self-care should be part of your non-busy agenda. If you have easy access to a fresh water supply, a fully biodegradable face mask is a relaxing thing to enjoy. At minimum, bring a natural moisturizer to pamper your skin a bit, while the rest of your body and mind get a refresh, thanks to your beautiful setting.

6. Your Paper of Choice

Getting out of your everyday routine and into nature while exploring new places or trying new experiences should (hopefully) motivate you to minimize your interaction with the digital world. Take this time to turn your focus to tangible items that invigorate your headspace! Bring the book you’ve been meaning to finish, crack open your journal to document your experiences and thoughts or try getting creative with drawing or coloring. Your mind will appreciate this welcome stimulus!

7. Soft Stuff

While traveling offers its own luxuriesdepending on where you escape to rugged camping is all about “roughing it.” Either way, a sentimental reminder of home in the form of your favorite blanket, pillow or towel are all fair game for adding that extra layer of total comfort. Cozy up and take advantage of the quiet by setting up a healthy picnic, practicing some light yoga, reading a book or even just nappingit may seem bulky to pack, but once you’re settled in, you won’t regret bringing it with you.

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