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4 Superfoods to Support Your Digestive Health

4 Superfoods to Support Your Digestive Health

By Jenna King

When it comes to your digestive health, you can forget the fad diets and vitamin supplements. The path to digestive nirvana is paved with plant-based superfoods! When you support your digestive health, your entire body reaps the rewards – from your immune response to your ability to manage stress. Rich in nutrients and antioxidants, plant-based superfoods support wellness and contribute to our planet’s well being. Here are four plant-based organic superfoods that are primed to support your overall digestive health.

1. Wonderful Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass has been on the menu for health enthusiasts for almost a century, and with good reason. Wheatgrass is loaded with enzymes that help detox your digestive system and aid in digestion. The antioxidants in wheatgrass tidy up your intestines, eliminating free radicals that cause gas, bloating and discomfort. The enzymes help your body digest food more efficiently and absorb more nutrients from it. This allows you to get the most out of your meals.

2. Calming Cacao

Talk about a dreamy superfood! Cacao gives you the luxurious flavor of chocolate, but without the sugar or added fat, and a single serving dishes up 25% of your daily magnesium needs. Cacao is also loaded with polyphenols – the antioxidants that reduce inflammation, regulate blood sugar levels and increase blood flow. These simple physical mechanisms work wonders toward improving digestive health. The flavonols in cacao may lower diabetes risks by slowing down the digestion of carbohydrates in the gut, which allows insulin to do its job more effectively.

3. Digestive Superstars: Chia Seeds

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more gut-friendly superfood than chia seeds. This ancient food source dates back to Aztec and Mayan times. Chia seeds are tiny but pack quite a nutritional punch. In fact, they're one of the world’s best sources of fiber. Two ounces deliver the recommended daily fiber, enough to slow down digestion, regulate blood sugar levels and create a feeling of fullness.

We also need to focus on feeding our brains to stay fit. Our brains consist of 60% fat, which means they need healthy fats to replenish brain cells. Chia seeds are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids – about eight times more per weight than you’ll find in Atlantic salmon. It can be a challenge to get all the amino acids and omega-3s you need on a plant-based diet, but chia seeds make it easy to get the brain boost you need.

4. Daily Detox

While some superfoods actually do grow on trees, the likelihood of getting everything you need from one natural source is unrealistic. For those of you seeking a one-stop-shop for enhanced gut health, Navitas Organics has a superfood boost that brings all the digestive all-stars together in one perfectly balanced package. For the ultimate digestive support, their Daily Superfood Detox Boost combines four key enzymes with cleansing, organic superfoods, and probiotics. Adding a single packet to your smoothies or breakfast will set you on course for perfectly balanced digestion all day long.

Adding plant-based superfoods to your diet is an easy way to move closer to your wellness goals. While a diet of fruits and vegetables is beneficial, concentrated plant-based superfoods can be seamlessly integrated into meals and drinks with hardly any extra work. 


Jenna King is a writer, avid hiker and survivalist. She spends most of her time backpacking and using organic elements within nature.