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How to Start Eating Better...and Actually Enjoy It!

What does ‘verdure’ mean and am I saying it right? This is a question I get asked a lot, having a blog called All The Verdure. Verdure is used to describe lush green vegetation, freshness and vigorous experiences, which are all important components of living the balanced lifestyle that I share through my work. Being healthy is not just about what we eat, but where it comes from and how we live our lives.

Starting Out
I started All The Verdure in 2015 as a way to connect with the wellness community and share tips, tricks and recipes for living a feel-good lifestyle. In any given recipe on my page, you can find nourishing superfoods that boost immunity and vitality, but my plates weren’t always this colorful! I spent most of my life totally unaware about the importance of the food we use to fuel our bodies. Sure, I knew the basics of eating healthy and that those fast food french fries or late-night pizza probably weren’t doing me much good, but I didn’t realize how much it affected how I feel.

Taking the First Step
After years of suffering with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and finding minimal relief from the medical advice I was receiving, I decided it was time to start looking at the “medicine” I was putting in my body every day - food! I eventually put the pieces together and figured out not only how to eat, but how to exercise my body and mind to feel better than I had ever felt.

I knew that many of my friends and family members were experiencing similar digestive issues in addition to other physical and mental issues that lifestyle changes could help remedy. That's what has helped drive my passion to share through All The Verdure and help as many people as I can. I want everyone to know that regardless of your background or prior knowledge of health and wellness, you can feel the best you’ve ever felt. Launching my Good Gut Fuel E-Book and leading local workshops - in addition to sharing tons of free wellness resources on my website and through my weekly newsletter - allows me to make this knowledge accessible to anyone who is ready to lead a healthier life.

Incorporating Superfoods
When I first started my health and wellness journey, I was lucky to live within walking distance from a natural foods store where I could find and try Navitas Organics superfoods. The first one I ever tried was Cacao Nibs. At the time, I would keep soy- and sugar-packed chocolate chips in my freezer, eating them mindlessly by the handful to satisfy my chocolate cravings. I noticed that my stomach would hurt more after eating those and couldn’t give up chocolate, so Cacao Nibs seemed like a great alternative. Curbing my chocolate cravings early, I would sprinkle them on top of my oatmeal for breakfast and feel great for the rest of the morning. Over the past three years, I have tried and learned to love countless Navitas Organics superfoods.

Incorporating delicious and clean ingredients like this has had an incredibly positive effect on my well-being. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in my transition to feeling better is that healthy food can not only taste good, but often better than the alternative! Even the act of enjoying delicious and colorful superfoods boosts my mood and helps me take better care of my mind, body and spirit. I truly believe that we must take care of ourselves in order to take the best care of others and the world around us.

Making it Last
I love helping others see this by sharing recipes that make eating well taste delicious. I’ve been able to work with several non-profits to share the joy of living a healthy lifestyle with my local community in addition to my online community. I know that my actions can have what Navitas Organics calls a “super effect” when one individual shares what they learned with a friend or family member and it spreads! Each and every day, I am motivated to continue creating and sharing so that everyone, regardless of their background, is able to know the power of living a balanced lifestyle.

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