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Ultimate DIY Latte Bundle
Ultimate DIY Latte Bundle
Ultimate DIY Latte Bundle
Ultimate DIY Latte Bundle
Ultimate DIY Latte Bundle
Ultimate DIY Latte Bundle
Ultimate DIY Latte Bundle
Ultimate DIY Latte Bundle
Ultimate DIY Latte Bundle

Ultimate DIY Latte Bundle

You'll love it a latte!


Perfect for the home barista, this bundle of 100% organic and ethically sourced Matcha Powder, Cacao Powder, Coconut Palm Sugar and Turmeric Powder —four of our most loved and easy to use superfoods—is key to any well-stocked coffee bar and pantry. Experiment with homemade mocha lattes, matcha drinks and golden mylk lattes for a fraction of the price of coffee shop drinks and none of the low-grade mystery ingredients.

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If you want to have healthy superfoods in your diet, you first need them in your pantry. This box of basic pantry essentials makes it easy with four of our exceedingly versatile superfood staples. Always organic and grown and processed with the highest care, they are ready to build delicious and healthful lattes and many more homemade treats!

With this bundle you'll get one each of:


Matcha Powder 3oz bag
Matcha green tea powder supports energy and alertness while simultaneously calming and balancing your body. Whisk or blend into a creamy matcha latte using your milk of choice. 

Cacao Powder 16oz bag
Our best-selling product, Navitas Organics Cacao Powder is easy to use: simply substitute this healthy, antioxidant-packed natural cocao 1:1 into any recipe that calls for cocoa: hot chocolate, coffee mocha lattes, and more. Our organic heirloom cacao beans are Fairtrade certified.

Coconut Palm Sugar 16oz bag
With about half the glycemic index of cane sugar and a lovely caramel flavor, coconut palm sugar can be used for sweetening any beverage or baked good of choice. A true pantry staple that goes equally as well in your morning brew.

Turmeric Powder 8oz bag
Our premium quality turmeric powder is sourced specifically for high curcumin, its revered compound that helps balance and reduce inflammation. Combine with your milk of choice and aromatic spices like cinnamon, ginger and cardamom for a creamy golden milk latte. Add a dash of black pepper to increase turmeric's healthful benefits.

For residents of the state of California, please see Proposition 65 warning.

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