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Goji Berry Orange Pancakes

Nutrition Dense Breakfast

Quinoa is a secret ingredient here that is used instead of eggs - it adds extra nutrition as well as a delicious fluffiness. These hearty breakfast cakes taste great with maple syrup of course‚ but you may also try them with yacon syrup or the optional goji berry syrup (so delicious!) below.


½ tsp Sea Salt
½ Cup Maple Syrup
¼ Cup Navitas Organics Goji Powder
1¼ Cup fresh orange juice (+ 2 Tbsp. divided)
1 Cup Navitas Organics Goji Berries
2 Cup Brown Rice Flour (White Rice Flour okay to sub)
1 Cup Buckwheat Flour
1 tsp Baking Soda
1 Tbsp Baking Powder
2 Cup cooked Quinoa
1 Cup Almond Milk or Soy Milk
1 tsp Orange Zest
4 Tbsp Maple Syrup
Coconut Oil recommended oil for cooking


Combine the goji berries and 1 1⁄4 cup orange juice in a medium bowl, and let sit for 30 minutes to allow goji berries to plump up.

Meanwhile, in a large bowl, mix together rice flour, buckwheat flour, baking soda, baking powder, and salt.

Once goji berries are soaked, add almond milk, orange zest and maple syrup to the medium bowl with goji berries and juice, and mix together.

 Add the liquids to the bowl with dry ingredients, and stir until just combined. Allow to stand for 5 minutes.

 Warm a skillet over low heat, and brush lightly with coconut oil. For each pancake, drop about ¼ cup of batter into the pan, and smooth out slightly with the back of a spoon to flatten. Cook until bubbles form and being to burst on the top, then flip and cook until golden brown and cooked through.

Makes 16-20 medium pancakes

To make the goji syrup (optional): Stir together maple syrup, goji powder, and 2 Tbsp. orange juice in a bowl. Let rest for 5 minutes before serving. Will last for 1 week refrigerated. (Makes ¾ cup)

Makes: 4 to 5

Submitted by: Julie Morris