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5 Ways to Up Your Picnic Game This Summer

When summer is in full swing, the weather is warm and picnic season is officially in session, what better way to spend your days than stretched out on a blanket, lazily grazing away without a care? Packing the perfect picnic takes just a little forethought, but is so worth it when you can ensure your fare keeps your positive vibes extra high with top-tier nutrition and the freshest selection. Keep reading to find out the five must-haves to put in a basket worth bragging about.

1. Summer Fruit

The best fruit of the year only comes around for a few weeks before it’s past its peak, so take advantage of in-season specialties like peaches, plums, grapes, melon, and juicy berries. Pre-wash and pack them as is – nature took care of the “recipe” for you with these perfectly ripe sweet treats.

2. Crudites and Dips

While every picnic basket should have some crackers, fresh chopped vegetables make a welcome variation, too. Paired with a superfood hummus or your favorite dip, easy favorites like carrots, celery, jicama, and broccoli are easy to pack, and keep your body brimming with nutrients like fiber.

3. Super Nuts & Seeds

Nuts are prime munching food and serve as good sources of protein and healthy fats that keep you satiated while helping balance blood sugar for even energy. Bring a bag of savory seasoned almonds or satisfying cashews to enjoy a la carte, or keep a bag of hemp seeds around to toss into dips or spreads as desired.

4. Energy Bars

The epitome of a portable energy snack, energy bars are not only enjoyable to munch on for a balanced mini-meal but due to their sweet nature, they can also substitute as a dessert to satisfy cravings! Pack a variety of homemade energy bars and cut them into cookie-sized bites to share as a healthy treat.

5. Better Beverages

Whether you're packing water, iced tea, lemonade, or juice to stay hydrated, take advantage of every sip to enjoy some extra superfoods at the same time. Add some goji berries to your tea, give your juice a potent punch of nutrition by stirring in some goji powder or add a scoop of a protein-packed Essential Blend to your water or favorite milk in a shaker cup to create an instant functional beverage.

With these five tips, you can truly make this summer your healthiest yet!