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3 Healthy Hacks for Fall (Using Snack Bars!)

They've saved you during a long car ride. They've been there for you at the start of a busy morning that's running late. And they've helped you summit your favorite hike feeling even better than when you started. Yep, the healthy convenience of energy bars is pretty awesome. But, as it turns out, these versatile snacks are even more useful than meets the eye!

When you choose a good energy bar, such as the Superfood+ varieties, which are made with clean ingredients and top-tier superfoods, you're getting an excellent array of nutrition in the form of a very delicious snack. Yet, this snack need not be destined to a lifetime of a la carte enjoyment. Believe it or not, energy bars make an ideal addition to all kinds of recipes – saving you time and boosting your nutrition in the process! Here are three of our favorite recipe hacks using Navitas Organics Superfood+ Snack Bars to create some new-and-improved meals.

Pump Up Parfaits
Everyone loves the layered, scoopable nature of a good breakfast or dessert parfait, but the empty-calorie cereals or high-sugar granolas that are layered into the mix can make quick work of short-changing your healthy efforts. Instead, using crumbled energy bars in their place, helps to compliment the yogurt and fruit often used, and efficiently ensures your creation is more nutritionally balanced: offering protein, good fats and bonus micronutrients. You can use almost any flavor of snack bar to create this effect, simply crumbling it into little bits by hand. One favorite is any chocolate-inclusive variety like Cacao Cranberry, which can give the most wholesome recipes an almost brownie sundae-like effect.

Sprinkle onto Salads
You wouldn't always think of putting something sweet with something savory like vegetables, but these opposite flavors are often used in tandem in fresh combinations like salads. Along the same lines as a sprinkle of dried fruit or candied nuts, breaking down an energy bar into small pieces and using it as a kind of chewy crouton can add loads of flavor, making your vegetables truly irresistible while sneaking in the superfoods, too. This is clearly a case where chocolate doesn't work as well, but all kinds of fruity varieties are particularly welcome! Try a salad of baby greens, quinoa, shaved carrots or beets, mixed in your favorite vinaigrette and finished with a Goji Acai bar sprinkled on top – shockingly good!

Create Cookies
This is one of my favorite hacks around the holidays and I've become accustomed to doing it every year. Instead of holiday cookies (or at least, in addition to an obligatory batch), take several snack bars and just roll them out into a quarter-inch layer with a rolling pin. Use small cookie cutters to stamp them into fun shapes and serve your snack-bar “cookies” alongside any holiday spread – a no-guilt way to get in the festive spirit while keeping your food choices as clean as they can be! With its malty flavor and Cacao-Nib studded texture, the Maca Maple Superfood+ Bar was practically born to become a “cookie.” And the Hemp Peanut variety makes a superior substitute for peanut butter cookie lovers, too!

What's your favorite way to enjoy a Navitas Organics Superfood+ Bar? Tell us in comments!